A Good Morning

‘You can only come to the morning through the shadows.’ -J.R.R. Tolkien

Over all the years of writing and living creatively, I have come to appreciate the gift of those first few hours of the day. I feel grateful to be here – alive and well on this earthly plain – and joyfully curious as to what might manifest as the day progresses.

There are mornings and then there are good mornings.

For me, a good morning is rising with the light and making time to read, write, sketch or dream. This quiet time nurtures my soul and enables me to breathe life into my day. I find that I’m always more focused and content when I give myself this space.

Although I love the special light at dawn, extra early starts are rare for me – unless I need to be somewhere or I’m travelling. It takes me a while to emerge from the realm of dreams and I’m usually inbetween this world and another until I’ve had my first (or sometimes second) cup of jasmine green or blackcurrant tea.

Since moving to my new creative nest, I love to spend the mornings in my reading nook. The light gradually streams through here and natural light, being kinder to the eyes, makes reading all the more pleasurable.

Over the years, my morning space has changed. My favourite was overlooking the timeless beauty of Cuerden Valley Park with its rolling greenery and the Mother Tree anchored into the distant rise.

It was there where I wrote Light Weaver. The views through the seasons and ever present company of nature provided no end of inspiration. I have moved several times since then and have come to realise that a good morning space can be found anywhere and is rooted in my heart and mindfulness.

This morning, I made some notes that emerged from the previous night’s shadows. I sketched alittle. I dipped into Tove’s Winter book (again) because I know the stirrings of spring will occupy me soon. And I ended my good morning time with a tea meditation.

How do you start your day? What makes a good morning for you?

As always, much love and brightest wishes.