What is the Magical Kinship?

The Magical Kinship is for nature-loving people who appreciate the natural realms for all its wonders, beauty, mystery, inspiration, wildness, insights and wholesomeness.

It’s a hearth for the heart… a sanctuary for the soul… a call to learn something new or rekindle something old… a space to be and breathe… a community of nature-hearts to connect with (if you wish)… and an opportunity to create a life that is more magical and wholesome inspired by nature.

The Magical Kinship is for wonderful people like you who value time in nature to imagine, create, experience and simply be. Whether you enjoy being immersed in the blissful ordinary or the sublime extraordinary, the Magical Kinship leads you into the heart of nature to enliven your spirit.

Let Nature Lead You Back to Your True Self…

In a world full of drama and distractions, it’s easy to loose your sparkle. Through the Magical Kinship, find what truly matters on the earth journey so that you can┬ábring more of YOU to life.

The Magical Kinship offers inspiration, insights and activities to deepen your connection with nature and to bring more magical moments to life.

Membership also gives you access to a nature-inspired monthly journal, book club, and an opportunity to share your magical moments in the natural realms.


Why Join?

It’s a gift to yourself. A gift that will help bring more of you – your beautiful, sparkly soul-self – into this world through your deepening connection with nature. Making space to be and create and nurture is essential in these chaotic times. By creating more wholesomeness, more magical moments, more space for yourself, life begins to flourish and blossom. Making space for yourself, even through difficult times, will enable you to navigate life in a way that will nourish and support you.

How Do I Join?

COMING SOON: Go to the Magical Kinship website for more details.

What I bring to you…

After over 50 years on this Earth journey, I truly see that we are each responsible for our experiences… our well-being, our wholeness, our thoughts and actions, and how we embrace this great tour that is life. Through being in nature and tuning into inner wisdom, by experimenting and journeying, and by reflecting upon insights and happenings, and constantly bringing more of my authentic soul into the now, I recognise the magic in me and the magic in you. I see the great joy of being able to shine, share our gifts, and appreciate this beautiful planet and each other. The Magical Kinship has morphed out of this space of celebrating the natural realms and recognising what matters, and I wish to offer you honest creativity and the chance to find space in your life, in nature, for magical moments.

As a writer of books and stories, a regular contributor to magazines such as Breathe, and a creative alchemist and catalyst, I am gifted with insights and ideas that are a joy to share. I invite you to journey with the Magical Kinship for as long as you wish to experience more simple goodness, natural wholesomeness, and joyful moments.

Are you ready to experience more magic in your life?

Give yourself permission and space to connect with the natural realms and enjoy more play, creativity, inspiration, and wholesomeness. Gift yourself a hearth for your heart and a compass to navigate this extraordinary earth journey at www.MagicalKinship.com

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