Enchanted Lands e-course

Experience Nature’s Wisdom & Healing Through Creative Practice

Enchanted Lands course

Enchanted Lands is a self-study e-Course, authored by Carol Anne Strange, to help you become more creative, mindful and aware while being in nature.

By being creative in nature, you will have the opportunity to feel lighter, brighter and more inspired through a deepening connection with the natural world. Through the course guide and assignments, you will take a journey into these enchanted lands to experience the world with fresh, soul nurturing insights. Allow your creative gifts to blossom and enjoy the magic you’ll find in abundance when you step into nature’s realm.

The Enchanted Lands course is for…

~ Lovers of nature who wish to explore the earth journey with an expanded awareness.
~ Anyone who loves or aspires to be creative and wishes to glean inspiration and insights for writing or art projects.
~ Those who wish to tune into nature’s healing energies to gain peace, relaxation and enhance their health and well-being.
~ Anyone going through a challenging or transitional time in life and wishes to find their way through in a gentle and positive way.
~ Those who seek more magical, heart-felt moments.

Potential Outcomes…

¤ A deepening, mindful connection with nature.
¤ Discovery (or expansion) of your creative gifts.
¤ Experience more joy, peace and sense of being present.
¤ Begin a process of healing or self-discovery.
¤ Feel more inspired and tuned-in to nature’s gifts.
¤ Improved health and well-being,
¤ Sense the spirits of nature and of earth as a beautiful entity.
¤ Personal transformation.

The Path… How the course works:

You’ll receive the Enchanted Lands course guide and six creative assignments in PDF format, which you can download and save to your computer / mobile device.

The assignments have been created to inspire and motivate you… to help you become more mindful and aware… to give you the tools to break through creative blocks… to offer you ideas and inspiration to create. This is a self-study course so there are no deadlines, and there’s no coursework to hand in. You can take the course at your own pace.

You will need:

~Your own materials to create, such as pen, paper, notebook, camera, sketch book – whatever you require to be creative in your own wonderful way.
~Access to nature: trees, gardens, woodland, rivers, seaside or anywhere where nature is allowed to just ‘be’.
~An openness and wish to embrace expanded awareness and soul-nurturing.

A Note from Carol Anne Strange ~Course Author…

“Enchanted Lands has been born from my own profound experiences being in nature: experiences that have been deeply transforming, healing, and inspiring in ways that have enriched my life beyond measure. These experiences have fed into my writing and creative expression for many years now, through my stories (see Light Weaver), my poetry and prose, and my art, and still the inspiration flows like an endless stream. Being in nature has made much of my journey extra magical and meaningful, and has brought about deep healing. It is here where I find my true self. It is here where you’ll find you!

Apart from sharing aspects of my own journey with nature and creative practice, the course calls upon nature’s voice and how the earth has enchanted and inspired our collective journey here. The assignments enable you to connect with nature on a deeper level through creative expression. The outcomes of this journey will be unique to you. One thing is certain: you will experience the world anew and with extra magic and wonder once you begin creating in nature.”

COURSE PAYMENT: The course fee is only £30 for the complete course.

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You’ll be able to download a file containing the Enchanted Lands course guide and 6 nature inspired creative assignments in PDF format.


You will also receive a copy of ‘The Kestrel’s Gift’ ~ a true tale by the author to inspire and uplift your heart.


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Some Questions Answered…

What is my time commitment for this e-course?

You can take as long as you wish to complete each assignment. There is no deadline nor requirement to submit course work. You are free to be in nature and create at your own pace.

What can I expect to gain from this e-course?

_ Enhanced creativity and the opportunity to use the course assignments to begin / contribute to a creative project.
– A deeper and more magical connection with nature.
– A mindful practice that can, with regular attention, bring you a deep sense of peace, healing and a positive outlook.

Do I need art or writing experience to complete these assignments?

No experience is required. The Enchanted Lands e-course is for anyone who loves nature and wishes to express their inspiration and love through a creative medium (whether writing, art, photography, music, film, etc). The assignments offer an opportunity to explore, learn new skills or improve existing ones.

Will I receive feedback on my assignments?

No. These creative assignments are for self-study and are written to inspire, motivate and help you explore ideas and your creative gifts.

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