Creating Online Courses

The rather brilliant and prolific writer, author and photographer, Simon Whaley, recently interviewed me and creative writing guru, Morgen Bailey, for a feature all about writing, developing and publishing online courses.

Apart from writing stories and features, writing and creating courses is one of my areas of expertise. I love being able to share insights and inspire people to achieve a better life, and delivering online courses is an effective way to do this.

Over the years, I have ghost-written self-development courses for publishing clients, which have proved to be bestselling. I’ve developed my own online course, Enchanted Lands, and I’m currently co-creating with a wonderful team to launch a really exciting course later this year.

Simon’s feature, ‘Get On Course’, has now been published in the May 2017 issue of Writing Magazine. If you’re considering using your expertise to develop your own course(s), you’ll find the article full of insights and tips.


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Enchanted Lands course



Small Wonders

My feature, ‘Small Wonders’, has been published in issue 5 of Breathe magazine.

Breathe magazine

The article is all about tiny house living and offers plenty of tips for anyone contemplating downsizing their lives and living more creatively.

Published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications, Breathe magazine can be found in all good magazine outlets, including WHSmiths and Waitrose.

It’s a beautiful magazine and it’s a great joy to be able to write for the publication. ♡






Video Channel

I’ve been editing some film footage to go on my video channel on YouTube. I can’t believe how many clips I have from past writing research trips and being in nature.

Video ChannelEven though my videos tend to be short, it takes time to edit, render and upload them, as anyone who makes film will know.

I thought I’d start sharing some of these little random, imperfect clips as and when I have time to do so. There’ll be some fresh material once I begin making progress on new stories.

If you’re interested, please view and subscribe to my channel.

Breathe magazine

My article, The Tao of Tea, is featured in issue 3 of the wonderfully inspiring Breathe magazine, published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications.

I don’t write that many features for magazines these days, but after picking up issue 1 of Breathe in my local Waitrose, I fell in love. There are articles on creativity, wellbeing, mindfulness and escapes – all topics that resonate with me – and the magazine’s design and imagery is food for the soul.

Breathe is the kind of magazine that you want to curl up with on a quiet evening while sipping tea and, with such inspiring, quality content, you can return to the magazine again and again.

The magazine is available from WH Smith, WH Smith Travel, Sainsbury’s, Spar, Tesco, Waitrose and all good magazine retailers and the print and digital editions can also be ordered online from their website.