The Joys of Singing

Issue 9 of Breathe magazine is out now and includes my feature, In Search of Harmony, which is about the benefits of singing and joining a community choir.

As always, the magazine is full of interesting articles on well-being, mindfulness, creativity and escaping. There are plenty of dreamy and inspiring images to tease your senses too.

This issue also includes a ‘Notes for my Novel’ notebook for all you budding novelists.

With the nights drawing in, take the opportunity to cosy-up with your own copy of Breathe. It’s so much more than a magazine. Enjoy! ♡


Coast Features

It was a joy to write about Isle of Skye based weaver, Maggie Williams, and Cornish-born artist, Sue Read, for November’s issue of Coast magazine.

Coast magazine

Both artists are inspired by the sea, and this is evident in their beautiful creations.

I think you’ll enjoy finding out more about these two lovely ladies who are living their dream.

Coast magazine is in the shops now. ♡



Light Weaver and Future Stories

When Light Weaver, my debut novel, was published in 2012, I had no idea what effect this book would have on all the lovely people who chose to read Tom and Cali’s extraordinary story.

My partner, Fen, was the first to read Light Weaver and was so enthralled that he asked me if he could publish the book. At the time, I had just started to make initial enquiries with literary agents and publishers, and with favourable responses, but independent publishing appealed to my ‘let’s do it now’ outlook. By taking this route, and accepting Fen’s generous offer to take care of all the commissioning of editors and designers, typesetting, lay-out, printing and all the publishing admin, it meant that the book would find its way into the world much quicker than taking the more conventional publishing route. I was fixated about getting the book out in 2012, and so Fen took the project on board and made it happen.

If you have discovered a print copy of Light Weaver you will see the love and care that Fen put into transforming my manuscript into the final book. He did a magnificent job, and I’m very grateful.

Slowly slowly, Light Weaver began to find its readers. This hasn’t been an easy route partly because the novel doesn’t fit snug into a particular book genre. Some have described it as visionary or metaphysical fiction, some refer to it as fantasy / sci-fi set in a familiar place (the Lake District), and some refer to it as a nature-inspired love story with an extra dimensional twist. These are all valid descriptions, but it doesn’t make it easy to place the title on a book store’s shelf. To me, it’s all about the story and I love nothing better than finding something extraordinary in the ordinary (and vice versa) to share with my readers.

Back in 2012, I had hoped to start making progress on the next novel. I have so many stories (and curious characters) inhabiting my imagination, and they need to find their way on to the page. Was it John Lennon who said, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans? I did start writing and researching, but I’ve been caught up with life’s funny twists and turns and pre-occupations. This leads me to another pertinent quote courtesy of Virginia Woolf: A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction. (Of course, this applies to men, too.) In this instance, money equates to freedom, and freedom is what I value greatly, but the stories won’t leave me alone. They rattle their cage bars and keep me awake at night. They swim in the pool of my thoughts whenever I’m adrift from the moment.

Although Fen invested in bringing Light Weaver into the book world, publishing and marketing books is not his life’s venture. He is busy with his own creative projects. If I am to bring new stories into the world, I will need to find a publisher I can co-create with… a publisher who is listening to my slowly growing readership and understands what they want.

Right now, I am joyfully busy writing inspiring features and content for magazines and clients, but I am open to the possibility of bringing new stories into the world. There is one story – set in Scotland – that is weaving its threads through me, and which I would like to complete and publish before the fires go out. Not a week goes by without readers asking me if I have another novel available or even a Light Weaver sequel. This is telling me something, but are there any publishers or literary agents taking note and willing to take a chance on me? If so, let’s talk.

Way always leads to way. While there is light within me, there is a spark of a story waiting for the dawn. I hope I’ll be able to share more curious tales before my tour of earth is done.

Have you read Light Weaver? Are you waiting to read my next novel?

Please leave a comment about what you thought of my debut novel, and whether you would like to read more of my stories. Although I already have some great reviews of Light Weaver on Amazon, your comments here might just help me connect with a fabulous publisher. Where there’s a spark, there’s a possibility. Thank you. ☆~♡~☆



Essence of Life Feature

Discover more about flower essences in my latest feature for Breathe magazine (issue 7).


Beautifully illustrated, the feature includes flower essence wisdom from Jackie Stewart of and Stefan Ball from The Bach Centre.

Breathe 7

As always, it’s a pleasure to write for this inspirational magazine, which is currently celebrating its first anniversary of publication. Have you discovered Breathe yet? It’s available now in all good newsagents or direct from the publishers.


Creating Online Courses

The rather brilliant and prolific writer, author and photographer, Simon Whaley, recently interviewed me and creative writing guru, Morgen Bailey, for a feature all about writing, developing and publishing online courses.

Apart from writing stories and features, writing and creating courses is one of my areas of expertise. I love being able to share insights and inspire people to achieve a better life, and delivering online courses is an effective way to do this.

Over the years, I have ghost-written self-development courses for publishing clients, which have proved to be bestselling. I’ve developed my own online course, Enchanted Lands, and I’m currently co-creating with a wonderful team to launch a really exciting course later this year.

Simon’s feature, ‘Get On Course’, has now been published in the May 2017 issue of Writing Magazine. If you’re considering using your expertise to develop your own course(s), you’ll find the article full of insights and tips.


Would you like to take the Enchanted Lands course?

Receive a 10% discount when you use this code at check-out: ELC432

Enchanted Lands course




Small Wonders

My feature, ‘Small Wonders’, has been published in issue 5 of Breathe magazine.

Breathe magazine

The article is all about tiny house living and offers plenty of tips for anyone contemplating downsizing their lives and living more creatively.

Published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications, Breathe magazine can be found in all good magazine outlets, including WHSmiths and Waitrose.

It’s a beautiful magazine and it’s a great joy to be able to write for the publication. ♡







Video Channel

I’ve been editing some film footage to go on my video channel on YouTube. I can’t believe how many clips I have from past writing research trips and being in nature.

Video ChannelEven though my videos tend to be short, it takes time to edit, render and upload them, as anyone who makes film will know.

I thought I’d start sharing some of these little random, imperfect clips as and when I have time to do so. There’ll be some fresh material once I begin making progress on new stories.

If you’re interested, please view and subscribe to my channel.