2009-Carol Anne StrangeGood day, wonderful. I’m Carol Anne.

I’m a writer and creativity facilitator. Author of Light Weaver, and many other books, courses, and creative works, writing to inspire has been a big part of my life for over 30 years.

Apart from the joy of weaving words, I love art, photography, film, music and I greatly appreciate the craft of creating / making in whatever form. Equally, I love being able to hold space for people to be inspired and hone their own creative skills, through my e-courses, experientials and inspired gatherings. I love helping lovely souls connect with their highest self so they can create to their heart’s content on the earth journey. It is an honour and a joy to be of service in this way.

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Insights & Highlights from my Creative Life

~ My professional writing journey began in the early 80s, before home computers became ‘mainstream’ and when ‘snail mail’ was the primary way to submit articles and manuscripts.

~ I’ve been a bestselling ghost-writer of self-development books and courses.

~ For several years, I provided writing tuition and mentoring for The Writers Bureau.

~ I have worked on a wide range of creative projects from art collaborations to film production.

~ My writing has been shortlisted and won awards (Writing Magazine and David St John Thomas publishing prize).

~ I was the original founder of WriteThisMoment.com and ran the opportunities site for writers from 2004-2015.

~ I was editor of Inspiring Life and have also published several small-press magazines.

~My writing has appeared in print and digital media, commissioned by magazines, websites, and businesses throughout the world.

~ I earned my Writing MA with Falmouth University in 2011.

~ My debut novel, Light Weaver, was published in 2012.

More About My Journey…

Apart from working in a music shop for a few years upon leaving school, I’ve always been self-employed, balancing the highs and lows of creating with personal and family life and the task of evolving on the earth journey.

Along the way, I’ve practised complementary health and healing and even managed a Chinese martial arts gym. (Yes, I know Kung Fu.) Never being one for convention, I’ve travelled my own way in life and I’m the captain of my ship – forever!

I love living creatively, realm-hopping, exploring ancient and beautiful places, being in nature, music, light-dancing, cosmic chat with like-hearted souls, cosmic action, organic vegetarian food, star-gazing and light weaving. Occasionally, I’m a storm in a snow-globe.


Ever evolving, I’m continually navigating the earth journey with greater awareness and creativity. I enjoy exploring ways to live well and with kindness to self and all beings. Our travels here began in the stars, but everything we need to shine is within us.

I love being able to inspire people to create and also use their awesome gifts to consciously live a better life and create a more loving and harmonious world through ethical and authentic choices. It’s a joy to see co-travellers and co-creators thrive. It makes my soul sing.



Would you like to journey with me for a while?

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Always answer the call of your heart.





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