2009-Carol Anne StrangeHi, I’m Carol Anne

I love to create a little magic through the weaving of words, imagery and song and, by sharing my creations, I love to help you find the magic in your life.

As a writer of books and stories such as Light Weaver; a regular contributor to magazines; and creator of courses such as Discover Your True Self in Nature, it’s a joy to be able to create from my heart and offer soul nourishment.

Within these offerings, inspired by nature, creative practice and life’s mystery, you’ll find insights and tools to spark your imagination.

You see, this crazy life is filled with magical moments and my wish is that you’ll find this to be true.


Following my bliss…

After over 50 years on this Earth journey,  I see that we are each responsible for our experiences… our well-being, our wholeness, our thoughts and actions, and how we embrace this great tour that is life. My creativity and my connection with nature is – and always has been – at the heart of my experience.

Whenever I feel out of alignment or become momentarily entangled in life’s complex web, I know that nature and creativity will bring me back into balance and restore my soul’s light.

We are here on the earth journey to share our gifts and thrive. Finding space to dream, create and play, to nourish and nurture ourselves, is absolutely essential to our well-being and experience.

By following my bliss, I’m creating a magical life, and it’s a joy to share these gifts with you.


Ever evolving, I’m continually navigating the earth journey with greater awareness and creativity. I enjoy exploring ways to live well and with kindness to self and all beings. Our travels here began in the stars, but everything we need to shine is within us.

I love being able to inspire people to create and also use their awesome gifts to consciously live a better life and create a more loving and harmonious world through authentic choices. It’s a joy to see co-travellers and co-creators thrive. It makes my soul sing.


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